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A perfect wedding day involves many people and details. Taagepera Castle has been voted the best wedding venue in Estonia for the last eight years.

Let us make your wedding perfect!



If you are looking for an inspiring and tranquil environment to hold a course or seminar – Taagepera Castle is just the right place for you!  Beautiful scenery and historic milieu of the manor will inspire and relax your mind.



Hunts have been organized on this 18,000-hectare hunting ground since 1993. The day will be organized by hunting master Indrek Valner, who has great experience in this field.  Accommodation will be arranged at Taagepera Castle.



Heart-warming grandeur of Yore!

Taagepera Castle is one of the best preserved examples of Art Nouvea style manor houses in Estonia. The castle was renovated and opened to the public in 2003. Since then, Taagepera has operated as a serene hotel and featured a classic restaurant.

The two-storied castle boasts spacious halls and 32 rooms. Parties and seminars are held at the Hugo’s Hall, which is adjacent to a smaller hall known as the Berhard’s Hall. The Hunter’s Lounge with a grand fireplace is an excellent place for coffee breaks and can be used as a dancing venue at events. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the hotel restaurant.

The castle has 32 rooms: four luxury suites (The Baron’s Night Suite, Happy Suite, Baroness’ Suite, The Von Stryk Suite), eight grand rooms, three family rooms, 12 standard double rooms, and five single rooms. Thanks to the spaciousness of many rooms, we can also offer extra beds. Altogether, we offer accommodation for 100 guests.

Next to the castle is a sauna lodge with a sauna and fireplace on the ground floor and  accommodation for 10 people on the first floor.